The foundation, the brand

The groundwork on which everything is built: the brand. We began by drawing out a lot of rough ideas, and used those to narrow down to a concept that is best suited for the vision of the company.

Created by:

Creative Nexus


Illustator, photoshop




February, 2020

Brand mission

A world-class brand that customers can trust. We want a brand that represents transparency and openness


Caregiver | Creator

Dreams in colors

What is the color of complete comfort and relaxation? We’ve extended our reach into a realm of the unknown, carefully acquiring the top hues of a caring mixed with the relief of technologys

We dug deep

We reinforced the logo with extensive research to understand the potential of the Medtech brand. Once that was complete, the logo was applied to various brand related elements to help visually capture Medtech.

Using font is an art

Typography is another major player in the branding. Here are a few of the sample sizes and weights of the typography used.